第五十八回 京都観世能 The 58th Kyoto Kanze Noh

2016年 1023日 (日) 11:00開演(開場10:00)

「張良」 「Choryo」


Kiyokazu Kanze

“Choryo, an attendant to a founder of the Han Dynasity is ordered by a mysterious old man to pick up a shoe that was fallen into a swift current. He battles a dragon that appears from the river and successfully takes back the shoe. In fact, the old man turns out to be Koseiko, who was admired as a founder of military tactics as well as Taikobo, and he besotwes the esoteric knowledge and secret techniques to Choryo. [Choryo]

「鸚鵡小町」 「Oumu Komachi」


Kiemon Hayashi

A senile woman, Komachi Onono, who is no longer an intelligent, beautiful woman who dominated the world, receives a poem from by an emperor who heard the rumor about her and pitied her. Komachi Onono, who makes a poem in reply by changing one letter from the original poem, is summoned by the emperor’s messenger and dances “”Horaku no Mai” (a dance for pleasures of pious life). She weeps of nostalgia after the messenger leaves. [Oumu Komachi]

「望月」 「Mochizuki」


Yasuhiro Urata

A mother and child, whose father was murdered, wander around and happen to beg to stay one night at an inn “”Kabutoya”” which is run by Kozawanogyobu Tomofusa, who used to be their retainer. A series of coincidences occur to those three who rejoice in the reunion and that Akinaga Mochizuki, who murdered their master and is on his way to his hometown after 13 years, is also staying at this inn “”Kabutoya””. The owner of the inn Tomofusa disguises the mother and the child as “”Goze”” (a woman who sells tricks or art for a living) and conspires to kill Mochizuki when he drinks after watching the song performance and lion dance. [Mochizuki]

京都観世会館 Kyoto Kanze Kaikan
S席(1F正面指定席) ¥13,000 S補助席(1F正面指定席) ¥12,000 A席(1F脇正面中正面指定席) ¥10,000 A補助席(1F脇正面指定席) ¥9,000 B席(一般2F自由席) ¥6,000 学生(2F自由席のみ) ¥3,500 S Seating (1F Front Reserved Seats) ¥13,000 S Spare Seating (1F Front Reserved Seats) ¥12,000 A Seating (1F Center of the Left Side Reserved Seats) ¥10,000 A Spare Seating (1F Left Side Reserved Seats) ¥9,000 B Seating (2F General Seats) ¥6,000 Students ( 2F General Seats) ¥3,500

林宗一郎は「鸚鵡小町」(13:00頃)の後見にての出演となります。 Souichiro Hayashi will perform as "Koken" in 「Oumu Komachi」(around 1:00p.m.).



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