第五回 修学院きらら山荘 薪能 The 5th Kansai Seminar House Takigi Noh

2017年 106日 (金) 17:00開演(開場16:15)

能「鉄輪」 Noh "Kanawa"





Shite: Soichiro Hayashi

waki: Ryoichi Arimatsu

wakitsure: Mitsuru Oka

ai:Yasusi Maruishi

修学院きらら山荘 豊響殿 Nippon Christian Academy Kansai Seminar House
自由席:¥4,000 General seating:¥4,000







*15:45~16:30  林宗一郎による「特別事前講座」にご参加頂けます。


  •The performance will be moved to a meeting room in the facility in case of rain.

•It will get cold after dark, so please dress accordingly. Also, there won’t be any accommodations against cold weather, so please prepare them yourself.

•The seating capacity is 100 people.


Noh "Kanawa"
An ancient curse in Japan, Ushi no Koku Maori. "Ushi no koku" indicates the time period from 1am to 3am, and a person uses a straw doll to resemble someone he or she hates and curses them to death over 7days. 

An oracle from a god is sent to a woman (Mae Shite), in the service of Ushi no Koku Mairi, wanting to be a demon and holding a grudge against her husband who abandoned her and married another woman. The oracle said she can become a demon god if she wears a red kimono, paints her face red, wears an iron ring on her head with three lit candles upright, and holds a raging heart.

"You said, like forever-lasting flowers of camellia, we won't be parted like two buds of pine and this feeling won't change, but then why did you abandon me? Oh, curses upon you." The woman turns into a devoted demon (Ato Shite) and heads for her husband. 

Meanwhile, the husband (Waki Tsure) has recently been having a bad dream and goes to *Abe No Seimei (Waki) for advice. 
The Seimei foresees that the man's life will only last for tonight since the woman's grudge is deep. Seimei sets the offerings on the high shelf separated into three levels and summons Sanjubanshin (the thirty gods who protect the country or the lotus sutra taking turns each day of the month).

*Abe no Seimei 
An onmyoji who actually existed in Japan (Kyoto) in the 10th century. Onmyoji is someone who practices fortune-telling and rituals. Seimei was also an astrologist and his power was acknowledged widely, then he became the founder of the Abe clan who unified the Bureau of Onmyo which was in charge of the compilation of fortune-telling, astronomy, time and calendar until the 19th century. After his death, Seimei Shrine, which worships Abe no Seimei, was built on the site of his house by the order of Emperor Ichijo. (Now exisiting, Ichijo Horikawa).


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