第四回 宗一郎の会The 4th Soichiro no Kai

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2017年 1125日 (土) 13:30開演(開場12:30)

仕舞「春栄」 Shimai "Shunned"


Koume Hayashi

仕舞「邯鄲」 Shimai "Kantan"


Ayako Hayashi

狂言「千鳥」 Kyoden "Chidori"


Ippei Shigeyama

仕舞「遊行柳」 Shimai "Yugyouyanagi"


Kuroemon Katayama

舞囃子「戀重荷」 Mibayashi "Koinoomoni"


Kiyokazu Kanze

能「安宅 勧進帳 瀧流之伝」 Noh "Ataka"


Souichiro Hayashi

京都観世会館 Kyoto Kanze Kaikan
S席(正面指定席):完売 A席(脇正面指定席):¥8,000 B席(中正面指定席):¥7,000 自由席(2F席):¥3,000


兄・源頼朝と不仲になり山伏の姿で都落ちをした義経と弁慶達十二人。安宅の関にて富樫某の吟味を受ける。偽の山伏は通さぬという富樫の詮議から逃れる為、弁慶は、勤行(ごんぎょう)を行い、勧進帳を読み上げ、主君の義経を金剛杖で打ちつけ奮闘する。その勢いに富樫もとうとう一行を通すのであった。しかし、関を越えたはずの弁慶達を富樫は更に追ってくる。関所での無礼を詫びるため、酒を持ってきたのであった。弁慶は決して怪しまれるなと皆に言い含め、富樫に所望された延年の舞を豪快に舞い、舞い終わるや否や一行と陸奥へと逃れていくのであった。 Yoshitsune, Benkei and the other twelve servants who were exiled from the capital in *yamabushi outfits due to the discord with Yoshitsune’s brother Mianmoto no Yoritomo get questioned closely by Togashi at the checkpoint in Ataka. In order to get away with the investigation of Togashi, who says he won't let the fake yamabushi go through, Benkei struggles giving the religious service, reading out the **kanjincho, and beating his master, Yoshitsune, with a cane. Togashi finally decides to let the group go through for its vigor. However, Togashi follows Benkei and the group who should’ve been allowed to pass the checkpoint. He brought them sake to apologize for his rudeness at the checkpoint. Benkei tells everyone beforehand never to be suspected, wildly performs a dance Togashi asked for, then escapes to ***Mutsu with his group as soon as he finishes the dance.


Those who have faith and train believing that god spirits inhabit the mountains. It is believed that they will gain supernatural power from training in the deep mountains, and they could be believers who are laymen or monks and priests who belong to temples and so on.


A subscription list of donations for the construction and repair of temples, shrines and sub-temples, especially one founded to commemorate the death of a high priest.


Area located in Northeast of Japan today.



公演予定Performances scheduled

「京都観世会」、「林定期能楽会」が主催する年間定例公演の出演情報です。"Here is Soichiro's performance information on the regular performances hosted by various Nohgaku Associations
such as Kyoto Kanze Association and Hayashi Nohgaku Association."

能舞台以外での公演、能についての講座・レクチャー、イベント・祭りなどへの出演情報です。"Here is Soichiro's appearance information on other performances, lectures, and events besides Noh performances."